Quote of the week – Decisions change life

No one is asking you to quit your job, sell everything, leave everything and everyone at home and just travel around the world like I did even though it was the most important and the best decision of my life (and also many others did the same). I always say everything is about the details and it was proved right many times. Yes, even small things can really change a lot. Decisions change life.



Alex is a crazy Slovak girl who made traveling the reason of her life. In March 2011 she quit her stewardess job and hasn't stopped ever since. Her motto is ''I live to travel, I travel to live.'' She also writes about her crazy travel, fun adventures and sexy photos at www.crazysexyfuntraveler.com.

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  1. The Guy says:

    Very true Alex. Many decisions, big or small make the tangled web we weave.

    Notable decisions for me include the University I chose to go to and accepting that offer in 2000 to go and work in the Middle East.

    Yes they are life changing. Yet a small decision such as what time to go to the shops could lead to you meeting the next best friend in your life.

  2. Alex says:

    @ The Guy:
    Hm I don’t think I have ever met my next best friend when shopping but definitely did when traveling 🙂

  3. Stephen S. says:

    It is funny that life is like that. Most of the things I would think are major decision have little impact on my life. While the small ones I never see coming change the whole course of it.

  4. Alex says:

    @ Stephen S.:
    I gotta agree with you, Stephen … But it just makes it harder for us to decide what to do, right?

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