5 Ways to stay occupied on a flight

Traveling to a new destination is always great fun, regardless of whether you’re taking a beach vacation or flying to New England to tour Boston houses for sale. However, for as fun as traveling can be, actually getting to and from your destination can be a drag. Flights tend to be boring, especially ones that take several hours to complete. Thankfully there are some ways that you can make long flights much more bearable. So how exactly can you make time pass by faster on a plane? Here are five ways to stay occupied on a flight.


One of the best ways to pass time while on a flight is by reading something. Reading is a very engaging activity, allowing time to pass by quite quickly. Getting engrossed in a good novel or story is a fantastic way to distract yourself, no matter what you’re doing. Additionally, you can engross yourself in many types of literature. You don’t necessarily have to read a thrilling novel on a flight, as you could instead read some issues of your favorite magazines to pass the time. No matter what you prefer to read, reading while on a flight is a fantastic way to make the flight seem like it goes by faster.

Watch a Show or Movie

Another classic way to distract yourself on a flight is by watching a T.V. show or movie. Many airlines have a selection of shows and movies to choose from. Additionally, many popular streaming services allow you to download shows and movies for later use, allowing you to watch them even when you don’t have wifi access. Shows and movies are just as engrossing as reading a book, making them a great way to stay occupied on a flight. If you get really into a thrilling show, time will fly by while you’re on your flight. Finally, movies usually last around two hours, making them perfect for shorter flights.

Play a Game

It’s usually only an option when you’re flying with friends and family, but playing a game is a great way to pass the time while on a flight. Simple games like tic tac toe can provide quick fun and don’t require any equipment besides a pen and paper.

However, with newer technology like smartphones and tablets becoming mainstream in the last decade, playing complex games has become extremely easy. Classic board games like chess can be played on these electronic devices, as well as brand new exciting mobile games. Many of these games can be played solo vs. the A.I., or with a friend. Once you start playing these games, you’ll be so engrossed that you likely won’t realize how much time has passed by on your flight.

Listen to a Podcast or Album

A relaxing way to pass the time on a flight is by listening to a new episode of a podcast or by turning on your favorite album. While these activities may not be as engaging as some of the other options, they are still great at helping you pass the time on a flight. Another great thing about these activities is that they are conducive to sleep. On long flights or overnight flights, listening to a podcast or music is a great way to occupy your mind and block out other noises. This means you can use what you’re listening to as a way to fall asleep easier, helping you to further pass the time on your flight.

Last Minute Trip Planning

One of the more productive ways to occupy your time on your flight is by doing some last-minute trip planning. By doing this, you can finalize all of the plans you’ve made for your trip, ensuring that you have everything you need for your trip to go smoothly.

This may entail going over the itinerary of your trip or brushing up on the local language of the place that you’re visiting. Doing all of this requires you to be focused and engrossed, meaning time will go by quite quickly. On top of all that, you’re not just simply filling time, but rather doing something extremely productive on your flight.


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