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Quote of the week – Decisions change life

No one is asking you to quit your job, sell everything, leave everything and everyone at home and just travel around the world like I did even though it was the most important and the best decision of my life (and also many others did the same). I always say everything is about the details and it was proved right many times. Yes, even small things can really change a lot. Decisions change life.


Quote of the week – Impress yourself

You know how it is … you spend days, weeks, months and in the end years trying to impress other people with what you do. But then, why? It is your life, live it the best way possible. The best way you can do. Impress yourself.

Because if I always tried just to please others instead of me, I would still be working as a cabin crew probably and not traveling around the world and having fun. I would have not quit my job back in March 2011 because my parents didn’t want me to. But I did, I impressed myself and not anyone else.