Top casinos to visit when travelling in South America

South America is an incredibly interesting place to visit with all its different cultures spread across many different countries you’re sure to find something that is both interesting and exciting to visit and do. Just like any other continent everywhere you go people will be slightly different but in South America most places are very welcoming. One thing you might not think about doing while visiting South America is gambling at a casino however there are many casinos spread all across South America and this is something that some of the countries rely on for tourism.

Interestingly enough Mexico is now one of those countries that has a large amount of gambling tourists visiting it due to the laws been changed on gambling in 2004. What this meant is since then there have been many people investing in Mexico creating large mega-casinos for people to visit and enjoy on their holidays. In 2008 a casino names the Caliente Casino was built and opened, this is the largest casino in Mexico with many thousands of different electronic games as well is hundreds of table games to suit anyone’s needs in a casino. This is a definite must visit if you want to play casino games in South America.

If you’re looking for a little more history in the casinos you visit then why not looking Uruguay as they have a casino named the Conrad that has a loss of history as well as a decor similar to those casinos found in Monte Carlo. Even though it is an old casino the, still has an impressive floor as it has over 600 electronic games with many table games as well. All of this together means the, is a great place to visit if you enjoy casinos will ability history.


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