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Himalayas of India

The land of curiosity, passion, cultural amalgamations, the land where languages change dialects every few kilometers, the land offering topographical landscapes seen nowhere else and the land that is rightfully called the Incredible India! It does not matter where you come from, how old you are or what your travel preferences are, India is one country that quenches every trotter’s thirst! Its where mythology, technology and natural beauty join hands to make that travel experience for you, one of the most memorable one amongst others, of your life! So open your mind to colours, to warmth, to a discovery that is in itself, a very unique endeavor you have ever undertaken. Come, let’s visit India!

The Himalayas have always intrigued foreign and local travelers alike not just for housing some of the most picturesque hill stations in her valleys but also for the spectacular views of the mountain ranges themselves. Trekkers and adventure travelers often can indulge in mountaineering and other adventure activities as also water sports for India is jeweled with some of the oldest and thriving river systems of the world.

Travel a little down south to the capital of the land and you will be amazed to see the mechanical lifestyle that completely contrasts the surreal natural beauty that took your breath away just a few hours ago! However as they say, never let the first impressions muddle you and let the travel spirit stay on! All the big metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata amongst others, offer you a vibrant cultural melting pot with people coming from all corners of the county, sharing the same space, the same infrastructure and the same unparallel zeal for life, each city fiercely guarding its individual identity and ethnicity at the same time! Marvelous ain’t it?


Himalayas of India

Himalayas of India


If you are a first-time or a solo traveler and especially a woman, do a good research on how to stay connected with your folks back home as India is one place where you could easily get lost, in time and in space alike! International calling with tons of operators at your doorstep has become easy and travel in India is anyway not an expensive affair.

Unless to want to make it one, which is also easily possible as India houses some of the biggest riches of the world and has a cream class that calls for a lifestyle seen nowhere else in the world. Up to you to pick. But honestly speaking, exploring India with and being of the masses is an experience that one must not miss. If your friends and family get too paranoid about the fact that you might get lonely, making calls to India too is an easy option available. Go for a local number and a prepaid connection that will make your life much easier. Besides, you need connectivity in times of emergencies anyway!

Being a multi religious country, India will offer you a wide plethora of religious and historic monuments that indeed are of monumental importance for archeologists and anthropologist alike. Every corner of the country is rich with sites that enunciate civilizations and long-lost empires that ruled this majestic land and attracted foreign invaders throughout her history. These very invasions right from the Turks and the Mughals until the British have all left their legacy behind in the architecture, food and culture of the local people giving a spicy tinge to her culture!

Aside of the beautiful valleys and the hustle-bustle of her cities, India has a very long coastline that has given a characteristic culture to its inhabitants. Stretching from the Gulf of Gujarat, the whole of the Western and the Eastern coast houses some of the fantastic species of flora and fauna that will capture your heart. This is the absolute place to be in, for an amateur photographer. Several tribes inhabit the north eastern region of the country and have a very unique culture that’s certainly worth exploring. Careful when you travel though as you need permits to visit these remote regions of the country. The warmth amongst the people however, is as always, appalling!

Hope this article gave you a glimpse into what a cocktail you are in for, if you are planning to visit this magical land with such astonishing a diversity that will leave a lasting impression on your mind for years to come!


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