No Travel, No Life …

see new landscapes when traveling

A few days ago I published a post with me and other travel bloggers speaking about what makes a good traveler. I finished that post with the words No travel, no life … And yes, for me it is one of the mottos of my life. Instead of using positive sentences to speak about the great influence of travel on all my life, I decided to use the negative ones to make it different.

see new landscapes when traveling

see new landscapes when traveling

For me, no travel means:

No travel, no new cultures.

No travel, no new delicious cuisines.

No travel, no meeting interesting people.

No travel, no friends around the world.

No travel, no different landscape views.

No travel, no adventure.

No travel, no fun.

No travel, no eye-opening experiences.

No travel, no understanding of life.

No travel, no appreciation of every single small good thing we have in life.

No travel, no patience.

No travel, no enjoying of everything life offers you.

No travel, no understanding of good and bad things in the world.

No travel, no orgasmic days!

No travel, no feeling of being alive every day.

No travel, no glacier one day, beach second day and hiking third.

No travel, no ”learn something new every day”.

No travel, no life …



Could you add some more things to this never-ending list?



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