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27 reasons why I wish it was the end of the world today

the bright day outside

So the end of the world on the 21st December 2012 is here. The Mayan calendar was misunderstood to make a big deal of it without people really knowing what the Mayas – the intelligent astronomers meant with it.

Not the end of the world, but the end of an era.


I woke up this morning to the noise of the neighbours’ children running around the apartment above. I looked out of the window and saw the most beautiful day ever. Sunny and dry in Slovakia in the end of December? I haven’t seen such a bright day for ages! And I hope it’s a sign of our brighter future …

the bright day outside

the bright day outside

But I do wish it was the end of the world today.


I wish it was the end of the bad world, the end of the world of:


1. sickness

2. wars

3. killing

4. cheating

5. unemployment

6. homeless people (unless we decide to be them and travel the world like I do)

7. lies

8. hurting others

9. chemicals in food, cosmetics and drinks

10. human and animal violence

11. fake things

12. fake people

13. stupidity

14. overpriced things

15. stealing

16. bad accidents

17. hunger

18. unfairness

19. rape

20. bribe

21. visas


23. broken hearts

24. unhealthy life

25. orphans

26. no education

27. paying for wifi


Yes, there are 27 reasons that make me wish it was the end of the world today! The end of the old bad world … and the beginning of a new BETTER era.


There’s at least two easy things on the list that you could try to change right now:

– 24. unhealthy life – that’s what I am trying to change personally too. Head over to my other blog to get the best tips on how to stay fit when traveling.

– 25. orphans – there are many orphans in this world and I really feel with them! I always try to help, give clothes and shoes to charities and donate money too. I was lucky enough not to be an orphan and I cannot imagine how difficult it has to be for little children without their parents. I want them to have a place to stay, get hot meals, go to school and get their education. You can donate straight to two charities Mitrata and VSO Bahaginan by donating $25. I am sure you will not miss those $25 in your pocket, but the poor children will be thankful for them forever as it will help them to survive. And for those $25 you will even get a 2013 calendar full of sexy people 🙂 Find out more about Travel Blogging Calendar 2013 here and order it here today. Remember, don’t let the orphans to experience the real end of the world for them. Help with your $25!