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The trip that made me fall in love with traveling

exploring Barcelona

I remember my days back at the University when one of the very few safe things I could count on were the little money I had and my parents back home. I was intelligent enough to save something and make wonders with a little. The story that follows was one of them.

I was studying at the University in Czech republic, some 500 km from my home town in Slovakia and the summer of 2007 I decided to go to Spain. To Barcelona, the city I had visited once already but hated it. Why I chose the same place if I didn’t like it remains a mystery to me.

Everyone, both my family and friends were telling me I was crazy to go to Barcelona alone for 3 weeks and without having any accommodation booked.

It was my first trip like that and to be honest I still don’t know if it was my stubbornness, the strong will of standing on my feet or just showing them that I could do it and they were wrong.

The reason now does not matter. What matters though is the fact that going to Barcelona against my parents’ decision was the trip that made me fall in love with traveling. I had only around 1,000 euros with me and no plans for the following 3 weeks.


exploring Barcelona

exploring Barcelona


I found a hostel a 2-minute walk from La Rambla, the main tourist street. If I remember right, it was the first time I ever stayed at a hostel and let me tell you, it was so much fun! Everyone knew me there already, I started giving tips to other tourists about the best things to do in Barcelona and spent nights talking to my new friend – the receptionist from Argentina. It was there when I also fell in love with the Argentinian accent.


Quickly, I changed my opinion about Barcelona. It turned from initial disgust to my favorite city. I fell in love with La Boqueria market, exotic fruit and healthy juices I had never seen before, different beaches close to the city centre, great shopping, good discounts and streets full of life. The famous architecture of Gaudi and the amazing views from the surrounding hills added up the glamour to my visit. I even took some tours with locals in Barcelona.


the views of Barcelona

the views of Barcelona


This trip taught me a lot. I learned to count on something new – myself – even though being very young in the opinion of many. It taught me to enjoy my own company. It taught me that everyone and also everything deserves a second chance because if I chose any other destination, I would probably still hate Barcelona somewhere deep in my heart with no real reason. It also taught me that healthy food is usually more expensive than junk food but on the other hand it gives me more energy.

This trip taught me that strangers can become my best friends (I am still in touch with the Argentine receptionist) and that just a smile in the morning can make up for a beautiful day. But most of all the trip taught me that save some money is always useful and traveling opens not only my eyes but also my heart.

Since this trip, I revisit Barcelona every year at least once … Was it me who gave Barcelona the second chance or it was Barcelona that gave a second chance to me? I would be missing out way too much if I’d never gone back …

Interviews with travelers I meet around the world

Alex of we travel around the world in Mexico

Like I said on my We Travel Around the World facebook fanpage a couple of days ago, from now on there will be interviews with travelers I met when traveling around the world. Some are travel bloggers, random travelers, family or friends that ever took a trip with me will be interviewed by me and then published in here. I will also publish a lot of photos on this blog. July 2012 is Philippines month so for Philippines lovers, check out the other posts. Still the main blog with the articles, videos and other photos will remain Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler.

Just to show you how it is going to look like, I interviewed myself to start with 🙂 Every traveler will get the same 5 questions and include 1 photo of her/him, and one with me. In case we did not take any, there will be 2 photos of the traveler. If the traveler is a travel blogger, I will link back to her/his website.

If we ever met around the world, I would love to get an interview done with you so please send me an email to travelaroundtheworldcouple@gmail.com. Looking forward! 🙂


Here are my answers:


1. Who are you? Tell us something about you.


I am Alexandra, owner of this travel blog and Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler. I was born in Slovakia but have not been living there for the last 9 years already, moving from a place to a place and enjoying our beautiful Mother Earth. I am basically a crazy girl who loves travel and since March 2011 traveling around the world and blogging about it has been the only thing I do and enjoy. I think I have the best job ever. I am a huge lover of beaches, sun, sea, sunbathing, ships, motorbikes and adventures … so put me to the beach, or force me to do skydiving or snorkeling, I will enjoy all of them! Read 39+1 secrets about me if you want to find out more 🙂

Alex of we travel around the world in Mexico

Alex of we travel around the world in Mexico


2. What is your favorite place, city and country and why? (all three of them)


My favorite country is Mexico since I started its history years ago. I love the Mexican accent, Mexican food (not spicy but all the rest), the people are super simpaticos, beaches are breath-taking and the archaeological ruins even more! It is one of those countries I could easily live in and never get bored of.

From disgust to my favorite city is what happened with Barcelona. I stopped counting the times I have been there, it is kind of my rules to go there at least once a year (usually it is more times per year). I love everything about Barcelona, its beaches, architecture, markets, people, atmosphere …

My favorite place? I have many, but our biggest mountains in Slovakia – High Tatras are one of those places on top of my list. I cannot stop looking at them, not even from the train each time I go by.


3. If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?


I dream big! I would start in Slovakia and then visist every country in the world, spending in each at least 2 weeks or 1 month. That is my biggest dream and I am working on it!


4. What do you love the most about your home country?


Our mountains. We have 9 national parks and all of them are stunning in their own way. Mountains, forests, lakes and rivers are what I miss the most about my country when I am abroad (after my family and friends!) I realize I should write more about them to show people Slovakia is a small big country 🙂 Castles and caves too.

And I cannot live without Slovak food either which is not healthy at all, but very delicious!

And I really enjoy all the Slovak accents and slang words we have as I cannot use them almost anywhere else in the world, just at home.


5. How travel changes you?


There are many reasons why I travel. And also many things how travel changes me. I started seeing things from other people’s point of view. I started to see other cultures and understand them more even if they live in a different way than I do. I started to realize it can be always worse. I started enjoying simple details every day as you never know, it could be your last day. I started to dedicate all my life to seeing the beauty of our world and show people it is worth it. Travel changes me completely. It makes me a better person. It makes me happy. It makes me to travel more.

in Tierra del Fuego national park

in Tierra del Fuego national park in Argentina