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5 reasons to visit Australia

Australia and Antarctica are so far the only contintents I have not been to. Why you wonder? Well, because I want to spend loads of time exploring Australia, at least 3 to 6 months, but until now I have always had some plans pretty much every month.

So I keep postponing my Australia visit year by year and just keep telling myself all the reasons why I do have to go. Maybe before I finally book a flight, I should win some money so I have enough saved for the not so cheap continent… I already that what is important when choosing online casino games – choose a safe casino with reliable banking which at the same time has games that I like to play. It’s necessary to pick a casino where you can cash out your winnings without any trouble, right? And after years of playing, my friends have taught me some tricks I can use.


What are my 5 personal reasons to visit Australia?

1. Attractive people

Each Australian person I’ve ever met when traveling was super beautiful. Curly hair, suntanned ripped body, light-coloured eyes and sexy accent? I bet you agree with me that it’s not possible to say no to these very charming people.


2. Beaches

Have you ever seen a photo of any Australian beach? If you have, then you know it doesn’t need any more comments. Australia offers a few crowded beaches, e.g. abundant white sandy Sydney beaches, but the majority of the beaches around the country could be find super empty most of the time. Who would not like to have one of the 10,000 beaches just to themselves?


Australian beaches

3. Landscapes

Deserted landscapes with very few people, if any, some wild animals, and national parks famous for their waterfalls, mountains, rivers and cliffs sound like a plan. This vaste country is perfect for road trips so get a full car tank and grab a couple of friends to get some unforgettable fun. There’s so many natural wonders all around the country. If you happen to run out of ideas (which I doubt), what about taking one of the top 4 East Coast tours?


4. Weather

If you have been following my blogs for some time, then you must know I am not a cold weather person and do not enjoy wearing anything more than bikini with a sarong around. Warm climate for most of the year in many Australian territories makes it ideal for a visit. Escaping Northern hemisphere cold temperatures is definitely on my bucket list.


5. Sports

I am personally not much into one of the Australian’s most known sports – surfing, and prefer calm beaches, but it’s definitely worth observing the skilful guys surfing the huge waves. If not surfing, then I would for sure like to try snorkeling and scuba diving in the biggest world coral reef – the Great Barrier Reef where all level divers can enjoy the colorful underwater beauty. Once there, check out other exciting things to do in Queensland territory.


As you can see, there’s many benefits of traveling to Australia and staying there for a couple of weeks, if not months or years. Have you visited? If so, do you agree with my reasons or would you add some more?

Top 4 east coast Australia Tours

It’s very funny what life brings you … The last time when an inteview with me was on the Slovak radio Expres, they mentioned there I wanted to visit Australia and stay there for longer. It made me remember the summer 2 years ago when an Australian friend of mine visited me in my home town in Slovakia for a few days. I had met him a few months ago in Thailand and ever since had a chance to meet many interesting Australians, mostly guys (btw all so good looking!)

Right now it’s my last days in India which I am spending at the famous Varkala beach. And guess what? There’s 2 Australian friends staying int town, too. Both are from Melbourne which just made me to think of visiting Australia really soon. It’s about time, don’t you think?

Planning my trip to Australia, I can say for sure I would not only visit Melbourne, but also took many east coast Australia Tours while there.


Top 4 east coast Australia Tours I would definitely like to do:


1. Brisbane

Not only another friend of mine lives in there and I haven’t seen him for more than 3 years, but Brisbane is also famous for its restaurants, lagoons (such as the South Bank sandy lagoon) and gardens. The capital of Queensland is a great place for adventure lovers where you can do anything from Kangaroo Point cliffs abseil, kayaking or sand boarding on Moreton Island close by. I can already imagine myself there on one of the leisurely river cruises observing the sunset.


2. Sydney

It might sound like a cliche but visiting Sydney has always been on top of my bucket list. I am not the biggest fan of huge cities, but although Sydney is the most populous city in both Australia and Oceania, for sure, I will enjoy the coastal beaches there, the Opera House, all the museums and one of the largest natural harbours in the world. I would need to plan to visit Sydney on the New Years Eve to watch the magnificent fireworks I’ve seen on TV only, and also for the Mardi Grass festival.


3. Uluru

Uluru rock located in the Kata Tjuta National Park is no doubt one of Australia’s best-known natural landmarks. The Ayers Rock, how it is sometimes also calld, is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia. I can bet that every single person on Earth have seen at least one photo of this well-known orange rock formation. Paying a visit to Uluru at sunset would be the best as the colours are even stronger at that time.


4. Melbourne

After Sydney, Melbourne is the second most inhabited city in Australia. Situated in the state of Victoria, the city attracts visitors also because of the landmarks such as the Eureka Skydeck, Sea Life Aquarium, the Puffing Billy Steam Train through the Blue Dandenong Ranges; or the Phillip Island Penguin Parade where you’ll see Australia’s penguins and other wildlife. Hopping on the observation wheel Melbourne Star is a must do, too.


City View


Would like to hear your thoughts. Any other east coast Australia Tours I should put on my bucket list?