Alexandra playing with tigers in Thailand


Welcome! This is a travel blog of Alex, a romantic and adventurous girl traveling around the world.


Alexandra playing with tigers in Thailand

Alexandra playing with tigers in Thailand

Alex (Alexandra) Kovacova was born in 1984 in a small town Snina in a country not many people heard of – Slovakia. After spending her childhood traveling around her home country and the surrounding countries of Central Europe, at her 18 she went to Czech Republic to study her Master of English and Spanish philology. She chose to be treated as a beautiful girl with a University degree than just a stupid model, so she quit her short modeling career in order to finish her studies.

After Slovakia and Czech Republic, Alex lived in other 4 countries: Spain, Scotland, Italy and Mexico. In Scotland and Italy she used to work as a cabin crew which helped her to travel more and realize her bigget passion.

But then she decided to quit her job and dedicate all her life to what makes her the happiest – travel around the world. In October 2010 Alex launched a travel blog where she writes about her crazy travel, fun adventures, sexy photos. “I live to travel, I travel to live” is her motto.

Find out more about Alex in her About page there.

a bit of modeling in Xpu Ha in Mexico

a bit of modeling in Xpu Ha in Mexico

This blog will be mostly about photos from around the world and interviews with interesting travelers I meet on the road.

If we met when traveling and you would like to be interviewed by me, send me an email to travelaroundtheworldcouple (at) gmail (dot) com 🙂





  1. Alex says:

    @ subindra Adhikari:
    Thanks so much 🙂

  2. Congrats on the new blog, but I’m trying to understand how this is different from your other site (crazysexytraveler). What’s the difference?

  3. Alex says:

    @ Francis Tapon:
    The difference is big! I don’t do interviews, photos of the week, nor travel quotes on Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler at all. Also this blog is not about personal experiences in each place/city but what to see there in general 😉

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