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Unwelcome animals in hotels and houses around the world

a huge green fly in Costa Rica

Being from Slovakia it does not make it easy to get used to things one cannot find back home. Living in an apartment on the 6th floor for 18 years meant I hardly ever saw any unwelcome animals inside (not talking about pets now). Yes, from time to time we could see a big grasshopper but we’ve never figured out how it got so high. Beside mosquitoes, wasps, bees or some cute little birds (mostly sparrows) very occasionally we could also spot a bug. I have heard a mouse or a little rat could appear in a Slovak house but never met any face to face yet, thankfully!

I am a huge lover of animals and like them so much our encounters sometimes make me cry of happiness and fill my heart with a gratitude. But insects, rats and some other animals just do not belong into the house or any other accommodation, I think. That being said, I’m afraid you can easily imagine my face each time I find an unwelcome animal in hotels or other type of accommodation I stay in when traveling around the world.

The worst to me is to see an animal late night, during the night or early morning which brings back my insomnia and maybe even some paranoia.

a huge green fly in Costa Rica

a huge green fly in Costa Rica


The first time ever I was disgusted by such a thing was when I used to live in Madrid during the University. We found a cockroach in our apartment on the 4th floor and it took three people to kill it with a thick telephone book. Also one night coming back from a party it was dificult not to step on a cockroach when crossing a road as they were just all around. I still have goose bumps and a horrible look on my face when I remember it.

I had many bad experiences with cockroaches ever since. Once in a cute hotel in Mexico, my room was just next to the swimming pool on the first floor so I could just open my door and jump into the cool water. I just took a shower after swimming and heard a tick tick noise when walking out of the shower. I saw 2 cockroaches passing underneath my room door and one headed straight into my open suitcase with clothes. I was terrified. I ran to the reception still with just a towel around me and half wet and scared the receptionist – a guy younger than me. He must have thought I was out of my mind or something. He just took a spray and sprayed it over one cockroach that was already leaving my room. It just turned over and died with its legs up. The second cockroach was more of a problem. The receptionist had to take all my clothes out of the suitcase, including my underwear (ouch!) and find the cockroach that then jumped out as if nothing so the receptionist just stepped on it. The end of the World War III.

I am not even going to start about all the different bugs I have seen in hotels and houses around the world. I don’t even know most of their names.

Costa Rica was one of the countries that trained my patience and dealing with disgusting feeling when seeing all those unwelcome animals. As most of Costa Rica is covered by rainforest, expect ”weird” animals you are maybe not used to. At least I am not. Huge green grasshoppers, lizards of every kind and colour, lovely blue-coloured crabs (at least these were beautiful), millions of ants (some of them bite and even get into your bed) and flying insects were what I got to see every day in my hotels and villas around. But as well very pretty humming birds that I found in my shower or bedroom.

a lizard in the sink in Costa Rica

a lizard in the sink in Costa Rica

a big grasshopper

a big grasshopper

Once on Koh Lanta in Thailand I was sleeping and heard a weird noise coming from under my bed. I found out there were little frogs that maybe didn’t want me to be alone. I had to sleep with a shirt on my head not to hear them.

a frog in my house on Koh Lanta

a frog in my house on Koh Lanta

Unwelcome animals in hotels or houses when traveling around the world don’t have to be something you won’t like. I remember we had a lovely visitor in my friend’s house on Koh Phangan (a Thai island) one night – a fat blue bird.

a blue bird on Koh Phangan

a blue bird on Koh Phangan

Do you mind to find unwelcome animals in hotels or houses around the world? What was the weirdest one you have ever seen? Where?

Interview with cool Monika Molnarova I met in Bangkok

me and Monika in flooded Siem Reap

I used Couchsurfing when I visited Bangkok for the first time in October 2011 and surprisingly found 2 Czech girls and 1 Slovak girl in there. We soon became friends, especially with the Slovak girl Monika. After exploring Bangkok with her for a few days and having fun in a rooftop swimming pool with the view of whole Bangkok (for free), we took our adventure to the next level and went to explore Cambodia and a bit of Siem Reap and breath-taking Angkor Wat. It was a lot of fun with the area flooded. Just check out our photo together in Siem Reap when trying to find our hotel Mandalay Inn 😀


me and Monika in flooded Siem Reap

me and Monika in flooded Siem Reap


Afterwards, we reunited with Monika in Thailand again and then in Slovakia and we are very good travel buddies so I am sure more trips together will come soon 🙂


Find out more about this funny girl:


1. Who are you? Tell us something about you.

Cool chic with diverse background, lived in 5 different countries for past 6 years. I love traveling and getting to know new people.


2. What is your favorite place, city and country and why? (all three of them)


My most favorite would be Mexico where I spent a year during my studies, loved the people, food and culture (*another thing we have in common with Monika and our favorite country Mexico).

My favorite city would be my hometown Bratislava ’cause I know it so well and have my family and friends based there. 

Then it’d be NYC a place I felt in love with immediately. 
Favorite country Italy ’cause the Italians are so gooood looking and they make amazing pasta LOL
My another favorite one is Monte-Carlo despite its glamour I know some nice places there and I still have some friends left from my studies.

Monika Molnarova



3. If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be and why?

Caribbean or French Polynesia but I have it on my list for honeymoon destination but if I could have a chance to get on a plane … I’ll go to NYC for some shopping or to Mexico to visit my friends.


4. What do you love the most about your home country?

Food, atmosphere, our passion for hockey and hospitality.


5. How travel changes you?

I became more open-minded, don’t judge people based on the 1st sight..maybe on the 2nd hahahaha.


Thank you, Monika for the answers. Will definitely see you again soon, I think in Bratislava for some party 🙂