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Wild Swimming: 5 Secret Spots for a Refreshing Dip in UK

Looking for a wild swimming spot that is off the beaten path? Check out these five locations in the United Kingdom for a refreshing dip. Though they are hidden, these waters are not necessarily remote. In fact, some might be found right on your doorstep. So grab your swimming gear and head to one of these amazing spots!

Porth Wen

Porth Wen is one of the best wild swimming spots in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. This place used to be a Victorian brickworks, and its crumbling moss-covered harbour spills into the sparkling rock pools below. The water is refreshing, and the views are simply magnificent. If you’re looking for unique photo ops along with a refreshing dip, Porth Wen is definitely the place to go.

Black Moss Pott

Black Moss Pott is one of the most popular wild swimming spots in the lakes, and it’s easy to see why. The water is crystal clear, and the rocks around it are perfect for jumping into the water. There are also some lovely pubs around, to reward yourself after a day of swimming.

Watkins Pools

Watkins Pools is one of the most underrated and overlooked wild swimming spots in the UK. Situated in the heart of Snowdonia National Park, just a little way from one of the hiking trails, you may have walked past these majestic pools on your way to Snowdon’s summit. This series of pools and waterfalls that cascade down the valley provide the perfect place for a day of wild swimming. The Watkins Pools are a hidden gem and should not be missed.


Tellisford is a real bucolic haven, and one of the few wild-swimming spots that’s deep enough for jumping into. The best launch pad is from a nearby tree stump, as the local kids have discovered. The pool by the sloping field and the large weir is a great place to cool off on a hot summer day, and it’s also a beautiful spot for a picnic. Whether you’re looking for a place to take a dip or just want to enjoy the scenic view, Tellisford is definitely worth a visit.

Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere is the undisputed king of outdoor swimming in the Lake District, but there are plenty of other great lakes to take a dip in. Lake Buttermere is a great option for wild swimmers looking for a challenge. The water is usually quite cold, but the views are stunning. If you’re feeling brave, why not dive in and see for yourself? You won’t be disappointed!

5 Ways to stay occupied on a flight

Traveling to a new destination is always great fun, regardless of whether you’re taking a beach vacation or flying to New England to tour Boston houses for sale. However, for as fun as traveling can be, actually getting to and from your destination can be a drag. Flights tend to be boring, especially ones that take several hours to complete. Thankfully there are some ways that you can make long flights much more bearable. So how exactly can you make time pass by faster on a plane? Here are five ways to stay occupied on a flight.


One of the best ways to pass time while on a flight is by reading something. Reading is a very engaging activity, allowing time to pass by quite quickly. Getting engrossed in a good novel or story is a fantastic way to distract yourself, no matter what you’re doing. Additionally, you can engross yourself in many types of literature. You don’t necessarily have to read a thrilling novel on a flight, as you could instead read some issues of your favorite magazines to pass the time. No matter what you prefer to read, reading while on a flight is a fantastic way to make the flight seem like it goes by faster.

Watch a Show or Movie

Another classic way to distract yourself on a flight is by watching a T.V. show or movie. Many airlines have a selection of shows and movies to choose from. Additionally, many popular streaming services allow you to download shows and movies for later use, allowing you to watch them even when you don’t have wifi access. Shows and movies are just as engrossing as reading a book, making them a great way to stay occupied on a flight. If you get really into a thrilling show, time will fly by while you’re on your flight. Finally, movies usually last around two hours, making them perfect for shorter flights.

Play a Game

It’s usually only an option when you’re flying with friends and family, but playing a game is a great way to pass the time while on a flight. Simple games like tic tac toe can provide quick fun and don’t require any equipment besides a pen and paper.

However, with newer technology like smartphones and tablets becoming mainstream in the last decade, playing complex games has become extremely easy. Classic board games like chess can be played on these electronic devices, as well as brand new exciting mobile games. Many of these games can be played solo vs. the A.I., or with a friend. Once you start playing these games, you’ll be so engrossed that you likely won’t realize how much time has passed by on your flight.

Listen to a Podcast or Album

A relaxing way to pass the time on a flight is by listening to a new episode of a podcast or by turning on your favorite album. While these activities may not be as engaging as some of the other options, they are still great at helping you pass the time on a flight. Another great thing about these activities is that they are conducive to sleep. On long flights or overnight flights, listening to a podcast or music is a great way to occupy your mind and block out other noises. This means you can use what you’re listening to as a way to fall asleep easier, helping you to further pass the time on your flight.

Last Minute Trip Planning

One of the more productive ways to occupy your time on your flight is by doing some last-minute trip planning. By doing this, you can finalize all of the plans you’ve made for your trip, ensuring that you have everything you need for your trip to go smoothly.

This may entail going over the itinerary of your trip or brushing up on the local language of the place that you’re visiting. Doing all of this requires you to be focused and engrossed, meaning time will go by quite quickly. On top of all that, you’re not just simply filling time, but rather doing something extremely productive on your flight.

When In Singapore – Where to Go According to Concierges

When you are new in Singapore, you might surely want reliable information about where to go. You might be poring over maps to find out the local centers for entertainment, food and other activities. Let me tell you who to ask for this information – the hotel concierge.

In this article, three concierges from Singapore’s top hotels are sharing their knowledge with us to let us know where to start our trip. All the unusual places and amazing attractions will surely give you memorable experiences that will make you come back to Singapore.

Singapore is considered a “City in a Garden” with its bustling population and lush greenery which covers only about 710 sq km of land. It is also popularly referred to as the “Little Red Dot”.


Attractions To Visit

Botanic Gardens – This 154-year-old garden is where you will also find the National Orchid Gardens and best for people who love horticulture. Who doesn’t love flowers anyway especially if they are abundant and vibrant in color? The Botanic Gardens is now waiting for the result of its bid to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Raffles Hotel – Get a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar in what is considered a National Monument in Singapore. This is a rite of passage for tourists and travelers and you would surely enjoy the majestic interior of the 125-year-old hotel.

Sentosa Island – For some, it might be overrated but tourists, who seek a retreat from the city and want to enjoy the sea, Sentosa is a great place to escape and unwind. There are theme parks, spa retreats, golf courses and outstanding hotel accommodations surrounded by beaches and rainforests.

Exhibitions To See

National Museum of Singapore – If you want to trace the history of Singapore and have a better understanding of how it become what it is today, you should see the Singapore History Gallery and Singapore Living Galleries. Make sure you go to the Food, Fashion, Film and Wayang, and Photography exhibitions.

Peranakan Museum – If you’re interested in the local heritage, you should seek the Peranakan Museum. The Peranakans are unique to only a few areas in Southeast Asia and Singapore is one of them. Know the unique cuisines, costumes and traditions that the Peranakans have. Buy ornate brooches and other souvenirs while you are there.

Restaurants To Dine In

Restaurant Andre – Have dinner in Andre’s, by Chef Andre Chiang. It is one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and it is also included in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Guide by S. Pellegrino. Enjoy the sophisticated cuisine and elegant ambience of this top-rated restaurant when you are in Singapore.

Catalunya – Want to have an unforgettable dining experience? Try the Catalunya – a wonder encased in glass floating in the Marina Bay waters. Aside from the exquisite food, you’ll have amazing views from inside the dome. The Spanish cuisine prepared by world-renowned chefs will surely make your Singapore trip remarkable.

Hawker Centers to Explore

Maxwell Food Center – One of the most popular hawker centers is along the 1 Kadayanallur Street . Every tourist should really explore the food stalls there especially the chicken rice which is a very famous dish all over Singapore. Check out Stall #01-10 Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Tiong Bahru Market Hawker Centre – To relish a variety of local food, the concierges agree that you should not miss a visit to the Tiong Bahru Market Hawker Centre. Look for the steamed rice cake or “chwee kweh”, satay and chili crabs. You’ll find another local food by going across the road on the housing estate and looking for the fruit stand which sells delicious jelly served inside a coconut husk.

Surviving Singapore

Tipping – Though tipping is not encouraged as there is already a 10% service charged included in your bill, you can certainly leave a tip (from $5 to $10) if you experienced excellent service to encourage the staff.

Phrase or Slang – A bit of knowledge of Singlish (colloquial Singapore English) is important when you are traveling to Singapore. End your sentences with “lah”, or express your gratitude after a meal with “Shiok”.

Etiquette – If you see a piece of tissue paper on a table at hawker centers, which means the table is already reserved. This is customary that people leave tissue papers to indicate that the table is occupied while they buy food from the stalls. So, don’t forget your own tissue papers.

Shopping – When in Singapore, there are plenty of places to shop and Raffles City is probably among the most popular. People can find international brands there for cheaper prices. If you have gift cards from Giift, then you will have the best deals from Singapore’s malls! There are shopping centers that are open for 24 hours a day such as Mustafa Centre.

Laws – Keeping Singapore clean and green is of great importance. Spitting and smoking in public as well jaywalking and littering a big no-nos.

Whether you are in or about to go to Singapore, this article will surely help guide you through what is best and interesting there. Make sure your itinerary includes the places we mentioned to get the most out of your trip!


The best St. Kitts restaurants

Spending 9 days exploring the hidden gems of the paradise islands St. Kitts and Nevis, we were also making our way through them tasting both the local and the luxurious restaurants. I put up a list of the best ones when going all around St. Kitts.


The best St. Kitts restaurants:


El Fredo’s restaurant

Located on Bay Road in Basseterre is a locally owned restaurant with local specialties and local beer. If you are a fish lover, order the super tasty Creole Fish of the day. I had the famous Mahi Mahi for lunch with rice, beans, vegetables and a fresh fruit punch. We were served by the very friendly Jasmine, the tall owner of the restaurant and then had a chat with her husband Kenneth who just came by to check if everything was ok and we were enjoying the food. We randomly asked him about all the Welsh flags hanging on the walls of the restaurant, and found out a very interesting story behind it.


”I was born on St. Kitts but when I was 14, we moved to Wales. Later on, I met Jasmine there whose family was from St. Kitts but she was living in Wales. We married, moved to St. Kitts and opened this restaurant.” started with their family story Kenneth Francis.

Jasmine was able to visit her grandparents here on the island as they still lived there 30 years ago.

”We named the restaurant El Fredo’s after my auntie” continued Kenneth with a smile on his face which was not showing any wrinkles even though he was a father of 2 grown-up boys and 2 girls living all around the world now (in Wales, Vancouver, London and one on St. Kitts).

Kenneth, a cricket player years ago, was now very happy to serve delicious local dishes to both the locals and travelers. I took a quick snap of Kenneth and Jasmine for a memory.

Check out El Fredo’s Facebook page, they don’t have a website yet.


El Fredo's restaurant St. Kitts mahi mahi El Fredo's restaurant with Jasmine and Kenneth from El Fredo's restaurant St. Kitts


Spice Mill

I think this was my favorite dinner place on St. Kitts especially when it comes to its setting. Personally I would definitely make Spice Mill one of the top 2 St. Kitts restaurants. Situated at Cockleshell Beach with stunning views of Nevis island and Mount Nevis on the horizon during the day and then the lights far away make it very romantic too. You can also witness amazing sunsets from here just before your dinner!

When we came in, I was really in awe. Coconut wood-top, indigenous arts, natural material and all designed in a very original Amerindian way. The restaurant’s interior is actually a Kalinago dug out canoe, custom built by the Caribs of Dominica! Spice Mill is definitely the Kittitian restaurant with the nicest interior.

The food is very authentic too. You really feel like in the heart of the Caribbean. My friends also enjoyed some drinks and wine, I kept staring at the unique chandeliers when sipping on my juice.

There’s a lot to discover at Spice Mill, check out their website for more.


Spice Mill Cockleshell Beach St. Kitts (1) Spice Mill Cockleshell Beach St. Kitts (2) Spice Mill Cockleshell Beach St. Kitts (3) Spice Mill Cockleshell Beach St. Kitts (4) Spice Mill Cockleshell Beach St. Kitts (5) Spice Mill Cockleshell Beach St. Kitts (6) Spice Mill Cockleshell Beach St. Kitts (7) Spice Mill Cockleshell Beach St. Kitts (8) Spice Mill Cockleshell Beach St. Kitts (9) Spice Mill Cockleshell Beach St. Kitts (10)


Carambola Beach Club restaurant

Opened since December 2011 in South Friar’s Bay where the general manager Chris Evelyn is making sure everything works fine. A local owns it, so it is locally managed too. 99% of all people having lunch here are the cruisers so they come here and mostly stay on the beach too after they have lunch.

I enjoyed the ambiance of Carambola Beach Club – we walked in, then spent some time at the very pretty beach, had some fun in the waves, enjoyed our fresh drinks and then head inside to cool down for lunch.


As soon as I saw sushi on the menu, I was sold. We could even watch the cooks preparing our sushi right there! There’s a European chef with Asian influence which makes up for an interesting menu.

Carambola Beach Club restaurant has an exotic feel to it, it’s a very open restaurant with a lot of fresh air coming in. You can eat both indoor or outdoor. Soon they are expanding to residences on the beach too where you will be able to stay for a night.

Check out Carambola Beach Club Facebook page for the menu and other news.


Carambola Beach Club restaurant St. Kitts (1) Carambola Beach Club restaurant St. Kitts (2) Carambola Beach Club restaurant St. Kitts (3) Carambola Beach Club restaurant St. Kitts (4) Carambola Beach Club restaurant St. Kitts (5) Carambola Beach Club restaurant St. Kitts (6)



Reggae Beach Bar

I really loved its location. It was the first place where we had lunch so I was thrilled to get to the beach after a few winter months back in Europe. Reggae beach Bar is located right on the beach at Cockleshell Bay on the South East Peninsula just 9 miles from Basseterre, the capital of St. Kitts.

The beach looks like heaven, there’s sun beds, you can swim and even watch cruises passing by on the horizon. Then just walk a few metres to get in the shade of the restaurant. Drinks and tasty fish were on our table very quickly.

I also enjoyed looking up to the ceiling reading the messages about love, life and happiness.

Check out Reggae Beach Bar website for more info.


Cockleshell Bay on the South East Peninsula (1) Cockleshell Bay on the South East Peninsula (2) Reggae Beach Bar St. Kitts (1) Reggae Beach Bar St. Kitts (2) Reggae Beach Bar St. Kitts (3) Reggae Beach Bar St. Kitts (4) Reggae Beach Bar St. Kitts (5) Reggae Beach Bar St. Kitts (6)


Ottley’s Plantation Inn


Restored 18th century sugar plantation run by a family. Very laid back place and fun at the same time. The plantation stands out for its amazing swimming pool set in between historic plantation building walls. We spent a few hours there, first with drinks and then tasting fresh local food and drinks at The Royal Palm surrounded by palm trees with the view of the ocean. Fresh salads, Mexican dishes and even many special Caribbean meals were on the menu, yay! What a pleasant place to chill out!

Check out Ottley’s Plantation Inn website to find out more.


Royal Palm Restaurant Ottle's Plantation Inn (1) Royal Palm Restaurant Ottle's Plantation Inn (2) Royal Palm Restaurant Ottle's Plantation Inn (3) Royal Palm Restaurant Ottle's Plantation Inn (4)



Mr. X’s Shiggidy Shack

Situated in Frigate Bay just a few metres from Timothy beach resort where we were staying, it’s one of the most-known bars and restaurants on St. Kitts. I cannot say it was my favorite one though. It took ages to get a table, it was so busy! And then it took long again for our meals to arrive but with so many guests, it makes sense.

Thankfully, the sound of the sea waves and a show with local kids dancing and then a fireshow made it for an interesting time. I also liked sitting under the stars. And the name of the restaurant just always makes me smile.

Check out Mr. X’s Shiggidy Shack Facebook.


Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack St. Kitts (8) Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack St. Kitts (7) Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack St. Kitts (5) Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack St. Kitts (6) Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack St. Kitts (4) Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack St. Kitts (3) Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack St. Kitts (2) Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack St. Kitts (1)



Marshall’s Restaurant

Thumbs up for the very fine dining at this restaurant. I really enjoyed our round table as we finally could see each other very well when trying to chat in between the meals and not sticking around to talking just to those sitting next to us 🙂

The pool and all the lights around it were very nice. And the chef said hi to us when we were leaving, so thoughtful!


Marshall's restaurant St. Kitts (3) Marshall's restaurant St. Kitts (2) Marshall's restaurant St. Kitts (1)


Ballahoo restaurant

The best thing about this restaurant is its location in the historic centre of Basseterre which makes up for really nice views of the area. At night time it’s very romantic with many different lights all around.

I enjoyed my mango smoothie and you can even order Mexican quesadillas! Or many local dishes such as fish of the day with veggies, chicken or sea food.

Check out more about Ballahoo restaurant.


Ballahoo restaurant Basseterre St. Kitts (4) Ballahoo restaurant Basseterre St. Kitts (3) Ballahoo restaurant Basseterre St. Kitts (2) Ballahoo restaurant Basseterre St. Kitts (1)


Looking for Indian food on St. Kitts? Then check out Bombay Blues Restaurant. I am not the biggest fan of it as I do not like spicy meals and almost everything is spicy for me.

How about an afternoon tea with a rum tour at Fairview Great House?



Many thanks to St. Kitts Tourist Board and all the mentioned restaurants for treating me like a star. All the opinions in this article are my own as usual. 

*** It took me more than 10 hours to write this post.


Quote of the week – my heart was made to travel

This heart of mine was made to travel

I know many people who think that they were meant to here for some reason. Most of them are religious reasons, some are different. But more and more people find their reason of life in traveling. And yes, my heart was made to travel too.

This heart of mine was made to travel